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About the Couture Team


  I became a certified groomer after attending grooming school and graduating at the top of my class in 2003. I then interned under a well known master groomer where I continued to learn all breed clips and developed skills in clipper work, hand scissor cuts, specialty cuts, and finding what works and looks best for your pup and your lifestyle. I enjoy learning about animal trends in the grooming world, staying updated and knowing and learning about each breed and their specifics.

After four years of working in one salon I began running a salon for almost a decade inside a pet hospital. From the hospital experience I gained much needed skills in working with dogs who suffer from health and/or behavioral issues.

I truly enjoy working with animals and find it very rewarding in life. Gaining their love and trust is the best compliment a groomer can receive. 


  I have always loved and worked with animals; avid member of 4H and FFA with a true passion for animals in general.

I decided to continue my love for animals and proudly became a certified groomer in 2017 after becoming a professional dog bather. I love all breeds but enjoy the herding and working group most; my dogs are perfect examples of this. I have a border collie, great Pyrenees, and an austrailn shepard, border collie, american bulldog mix. Along with them I have plenty of other creatures as children as well. Taking care of animals is a pride and passion and I look forward to continuing my knowledge and the care I provide. 

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